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DroneBase Missions Explained by Our Pilots

Delivering new and exciting experiences to our network is ultimately what fuels DroneBase: we want to give our pilots more things to do with their drones.

While all of our missions are meant to have fun flying, many are also opportunities to make some money. With a finger on the pulse of our pilot community, we’ve seen a few common themes regarding how to make money with us. Many of the most common questions we receive tend to sound something like this:

“I heard not every mission pays! Is that true?”

“How much do missions pay?”

“What is the range of pay?”

Currently, our pilots can choose to fly Pano Missions with a probability of payout, or Client Missions with a guaranteed payout. Our mission payout varies based on a number of factors, including distance traveled, shot list, mission difficulty, and more. We work hard to ensure our rates are competitive with the local markets, and we're proud to be the the first drone company to pay out over $1MM and counting to our pilot network. Our goal with all missions is to handle the clerical work of sourcing customers, scheduling, managing feedback, etc., so our pilots can focus on the thing they love the most: flying. Our pilot Vic Moss stated it perfectly: “[DroneBase Missions] are literally accept, shoot, upload, and forget.”

We believe that peer recommendations can have a meaningful impact on our pilot community and have surfaced a few payment-related pieces of feedback from our pilots across the country.  In other words, hear about DroneBase payout straight from the mouths of our pilots!

“My honest experience is that any business who does not pursue this as an additional or supplemental revenue stream along with other ones is missing an opportunity. I have had a vast variety of missions from pano, cardinal, beauty, custom or mapping and each time have been paid promptly and fully. The mission objectives are usually clear and concise and easy to follow and if any questions do arise a tech or operations pro, specifically Sean N. consistently for me [...]  I definitely recommend Dronebase to any pilot out there.” - Anthony Million, TrustPilot


“I like that they have helped me monetize my Phantom 4. Even the people I visit seem to think that I have one cool job. I would gladly do this job full time. I will, and have recommended DroneBase to friends, family, and the occasional curious customer.” - Glenn Manning, TrustPilot


“My interactions with DroneBase have been uniformly cordial and professional. They pay well and quickly, and if there are any issues with a mission the company representative is careful to explain thoroughly and politely what needs to be corrected to satisfy the customer. I am very happy with my relationship with DroneBase - highly recommended.” - Gordon Bryant, TrustPilot


“Not a scam. Don't do the PANO missions if you don't want to. Only take the CLIENT missions that have guaranteed payout (and quick to via Qwil). If you don't do things for them, then don't automatically assume it's a scam. I have made over 2K since June for minimal work.” - Dwight Shockley, Facebook


“I love flying for DroneBase, [they’re]  fair on price. And a great way to make extra money on the side from your normal work. Sean and the other guys there a good and very patient help with any issues may come including weather issues POC.” -- Brian Wilkes, TrustPilot

As always, our team is here to address any questions our pilots may have. If you're interested in joining our team, we'd love to have you! Head on over to our Pilot Page for more information.

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