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Drone Pilots, DroneBase, Pilot Spotlight, Drones

A Day in the Life of a Successful Drone Pilot

“Give me six hours to chop down a tree and I will spend the first four sharpening the axe.” -...

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Aerial Imagery, Drone Industry, Drone Pilots, Drone Uses, DroneBase, Just for Fun, Drones

Interactive Aerials of the Best Beaches in the Country

Before all else, Memorial Day is an American holiday: a day of remembrance for everyone who has...

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Drone Industry, Drone Technology, Drone Uses

Saving Lives One Drone at a Time

Drones and their pilots get plenty of bad press. There seem to be constant stories involving pilots...

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Drone Industry, Drone Uses, DroneBase, Drones, Drone Delivery

The 8 Weirdest Uses for Drones

It's clear to see the impact drones are beginning to have around the world. There are so many...

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Company Updates, Drones for Good

DroneBase kicks off "Techie Tuesdays" with Teens Exploring Technology

We’re proud to announce that DroneBase CEO Dan Burton & CTO Eli Tamanaha will speak at Teens...

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Drone Pilots, Pilot Spotlight, Drones

Meet Brian D., a Full-Time Drone Pilot

We’re proud of the lifestyle diversity in our rapidly-expanding pilot network. As a member of the...

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Drone Pilots

Which Drones Have the Longest Flight Time?

Flying a drone can be a liberating, creative and breathless experience. But there's one thing...

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Inspection, Insurance, Drones

How Aerial Inspections Are Revolutionizing the Insurance Industry

When it comes to safety & risk assessment, efficiency is key - and there’s no greater efficiency...

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Drone Pilots, DroneBase, Drones

Why Do Pilots Use DroneBase?

Here at DroneBase HQ, we place an incredible amount of value on our community of drone pilots. Our...

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Aerial Imagery, Commercial Real Estate, Residential Real Estate

Drones & Real Estate: A Beginner’s Guide

For both commercial and residential real estate agents, proper visual marketing can be the...

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Drone Pilots

5 Things All New Drone Pilots Should Know

If you're just starting in the industry and are wondering how feasible a career as a drone pilot...

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