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Client Missions, Drone Pilots

Meet DroneBase Pilot: Vinh Nguyen

Vinh Nguyen has been a dedicated DroneBase Pilot for about 9 months and FAA certified for nearly a...

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Drone Industry, Drone Pilots

Which Drone is Right For Me?

In the run up to the holidays, there are plenty of potential pilots out there trying to decide...

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How to Use AirCraft

AirCraft is DroneBase's premier augmented reality (AR) platform that expands the realm of...

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Drone Pilots, Drones

What Are the Most Common Causes for Drone Crashes?

Updated 2/18/20: Article updated 2/18/2020 to remove the mention of Aircraft as it is no longer...

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AEC, Agriculture, Energy

3 Ways DroneBase Can Benefit AEC

Drone-captured data is an innovative solution for delivering sophisticated analytics to...

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AR, Drone Pilots

Why AR Will Improve the Drone Pilots of the Future

We've just launched the industry's first creative augmented reality platform, AirCraft. We believe...

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Drone Pilots

The Future of Pano Missions

The past week has been an exciting one for the DroneBase community.

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AR, Just for Fun

How Drones and Augmented Reality Can Work Together

New technologies like 3D printing, Virtual (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR) have captured our...

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Drone Industry, Drones

AirCraft: Turn Your Drone into a Cursor in the Sky

The following post was written by DroneBase CEO and co-founder, Dan Burton.

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Company Updates, Drone Industry

DroneBase AirCraft: Your New Home for Augmented Reality

Over the past several months, we’ve worked hard to crystallize our mission at DroneBase: we're here...

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