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Company Updates, Drone Technology

Thermal Drone Sensors Will Make Drones Vital to the Enterprise in 2019

When I first started DroneBase a few years ago, the cost of a professional drone flight was in the...

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Customers, Drone Pilots, Drone Technology

Drone Battery Life Doesn't Have to Hold Back Operations

Why flight times shouldn’t stop you from embracing drone technology When weighing up the pros and...

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Drone Pilots, Product announcement

DroneBase Pilot App: Arrive + Depart

DroneBase Pilot App New Feature: Checking In and Checking Out via Arrival and Departure

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AEC, Construction, Customers

Here’s Why Construction Companies Should Hire A Drone Service Provider

More and more, utilization of drones is becoming a common practice for construction companies,...

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Drone Pilots, Drone Regulations, Safety

Why Parachutes Could Make Your Future Drone Missions Safer

After a fatal Ethiopian Airlines crash earlier this month, aviation authorities around the world...

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Company Updates, Drone Technology

Building Technology to Open A New Horizon

It is hard to imagine a future where drones will not be omnipresent: last-mile deliveries,...

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In-House Drone Program versus Drone Service Provider

Thinking Of Setting Up An In-House Drone Program? Here’s Why DroneBase Is A Better Option As the...

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Drones for Good

How Drones Are Supporting Mountain Rescue Teams

We all know by now that drones are incredibly useful. They can gather data quickly and effectively....

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Company Updates

Meet the DroneBase Leadership Team

DroneBase is at the center of the drone ecosystem and exists to solve two problems in the drone...

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Company Updates, Customers, Product announcement

DroneBase Customer Guide: Weather & Pilot Scheduling

In our previous guide, we walk through the quick and simple steps to place an order for aerial...

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Drone Pilots, Drone Tips

The Best Drone Pilot Gear for Night Flights

At the start of the year, the Department of Transportation announced new rule proposals that could...

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Company Updates, Customers, Product announcement

DroneBase Customer Ordering Guide

By the time prospective and new clients have reached out to us, they have realized the amazing...

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Customers, Residential Real Estate

The ROI of Aerial Imagery in Spring for Real Estate Agents

Certainly winter offers residential real estate agents a wonderfully blank canvas on which to...

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