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Customers, Inspection, Thermal, Property Management

Commercial HVAC Inspection with a Drone

Drones are becoming an increasingly important tool for industrial inspections of all kinds, from...

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AEC, Construction, Insurance

How Drones Have Affected Insurance and Construction In the Last Decade

As 2020 is well underway, I wanted to take an opportunity to look back at how far the drone...

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Customers, Inspection, Property Management

Property Management Inspection with a Drone

Effective property management is all about getting ahead of potential problems and handling them...

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Customers, Inspection, Insurance

Drone Inspection for Insurance Claims

Inspections for insurance claims are among the most important tasks of an insurer. Conducted at the...

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Customers, Product announcement, Partnership

DroneBase Now Integrates Into the Esri ArcGIS Platform

We’re excited to announce that Esri customers will now be able to request drone flights from...

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Drone Pilots, Drone Tips, Pilot Spotlight

Pilot Spotlight: Frank Galasso in New York

In our previous Pilot Spotlight, we spoke with Michael Crider. Michael is a Flight Crew Training...

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Drone Industry, Drone Innovation, Drone Technology

The Biggest Drone News From CES 2020

As is tradition, the annual Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas this year was an endless...

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Drone News, Drone Pilots, Drone Regulations

Everything You Need to Know About the FAA’s NPRM on Remote ID

If you’re only just catching up on the drone industry’s major talking points as we head into 2020,...

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Customers, Inspection, Insurance

Why You Need a Home Inspection Using a Drone

Inspections are an important part of the home insurance process. They allow underwriters to base...

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