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Commercial Real Estate, Property Management, roofing, Advanced Inspection Software

Unlocking Efficiency: How Drones Transform Commercial Roof Inspections

Commercial roof inspections might not sound like the most exciting thing, but they're super...

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Product announcement, REIT, Property Management

Custom Reports in Property Insights from Zeitview

Last year, I learned that one of our client’s employees was creating 100 reports per day, manually,...

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Aerial Inspection, Commercial Real Estate, Property Management, Advanced Inspection Software

How Large Retailers Use Drones for Preventive Maintenance

In the hyper competitive landscape of modern retail, efficiency and cost-effectiveness are key to...

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Commercial Real Estate, REIT, Property Management, Advanced Inspection Software

Harnessing Drone Inspections to Boost Building ESG Performance

In the realm of sustainable development, the importance of Environmental, Social, and Governance...

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Aerial Inspection, Inspection, Insurance, Drones, Property Management, Zeitview

Protecting Capital Investment With Drones in the Insurance Industry

In the past century, drones have gone from reconnaissance hot air balloons to highly sophisticated...

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Property Management

4 New Ways Commercial Property Insurers Are Using Drones

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Property Management

New in Property Insights: Create & Edit Inspection Details

We recently launched a new feature to our Property Insights Platform that puts more power in the...

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Aerial Inspection, Insurance, Property Management, DroneBase Insights

Roof Condition Analysis through Insights Roof Reports

Insights Roof Reports are the final piece in the puzzle for organizations looking for an end-to-end...

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Aerial Imagery, Commercial Real Estate, Drone Technology, Property Management

DroneBase & Texas Roadhouse: Creating Efficiencies with Drone Technology

About Texas Roadhouse Texas Roadhouse is an American chain restaurant founded in 1993 and...

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Aerial Inspection, Drone Technology, Property Management, DroneBase Insights

Effective Asset Management using Drone Technology

The property management industry is all about working with what you have to keep your commercial...

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