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Aerial Imagery, Drone Industry, Drone Pilots, Environment, Drones

How Drone Aerial Imagery Plays an Integral Role in Hurricane Harvey Relief Efforts

As DroneBase CEO Dan Burton said earlier in the week, “The damage from Hurricane Harvey is...

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Drone Pilots, Just for Fun

The Best Coastal Cities to Fly A Drone

There's something about coastal cities that never fails to attract photography fans. The...

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Just for Fun, Drones

Weekly Roundup: Our Favorite Drone Stories

It seems as if each week, another exciting drone story is making headlines - from practical drone...

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Aerial Imagery, Aerial Inspection, Drone Industry, Drones

What is Aerial Imagery?

If you've just got yourself a drone or you're thinking about getting one, there are probably plenty...

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Drone Pilots, Just for Fun, Residential Real Estate, Drones

Stunning Waterfront Aerial Imagery

Servicing the real estate industry with aerial imagery has its perks...especially in the summertime!

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Aerial Inspection, Drone Industry, Inspection

Aerial Inspections During Hurricane Season

As summer slowly draws to a close, many Americans - specifically those living in coastal climates -...

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Drone Industry, Drone Innovation, Drone Pilots

A Snapshot of Drone History & Innovation

Quadcopters are becoming more and more common in our skies, whether they're capturing landscapes,...

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Aerial Imagery, Residential Real Estate, Drones

Top 5 Ways DroneBase Benefits Aerial Real Estate Photography

The aerial real estate photography industry is changing, and DroneBase is at the forefront of the...

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Aerial Imagery, Drone Industry, Drone Pilots, Drones

Which Drones are Best for Capturing Aerial Imagery?

There are plenty of drones on the market from manufacturers all over the world. But which ones are...

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Commercial Real Estate, Construction, Residential Real Estate

A Look at Our Services in Every Industry

It's no secret that DroneBase services some of the largest industries, from Real Estate to Telecom,...

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AEC, Construction, Customers

What the Construction Industry can Expect from DroneBase

As the top nationwide service provider for aerial construction imagery & video, we're proud to...

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