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Top 5 Ways DroneBase Benefits Aerial Real Estate Photography

The aerial real estate photography industry is changing, and DroneBase is at the forefront of the shift. With each home buying season, more and more residential real estate professionals are turning to drone photography and video to amplify their marketing efforts.

Below are the top 5 ways DroneBase is adding value to the residential real estate industry.

1. Professional Pilot Network

DroneBase uses a network of qualified pilots who are trained and experienced to fly for aerial real estate photography. All pilots are vetted and tested for professionalism and quality, and we're permitted to fly for commercial use and insured at every job site.

2. High-Quality Execution

All assets are delivered to customers via their DroneBase account, where they’re able to easily download, share via hyperlink, or easily embed on a website. All assets are high-resolution, and can include aerial real estate photography, HD video clips, and even edited marketing videos of a property for that extra special touch.

3. Budget Friendly Aerial Real Estate Photography

Drones are a far less expensive solution than traditional methods of capturing aerial real estate photography data (like helicopters or airplanes, for example).  With prices starting as low as $99, DroneBase has quickly become the leading drone real estate photography service provider.

4. Fast Turnaround Time

The use of drones for aerial imagery allows real estate agents to gain back valuable time - time that would otherwise have been spent waiting for images to be produced and delivered. For example, DroneBase is able to dispatch a pilot, capture aerial real estate photography, and deliver content back to customers all within 48-72 hours. 

5. Showcase a Property in Context

With drones, agents are able to capture the entirety of a property. Whether it’s a charming, winding road, or simply the proximity to local hotspots, a drone is able to show potential buyers a feel for the larger neighborhood.

If you’re interested in pursuing DroneBase for your real estate marketing efforts, see HERE to get started.


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