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Why Do Pilots Use DroneBase?

Here at DroneBase HQ, we place an incredible amount of value on our community of drone pilots. Our network expands across all 50 states and ranges from amateur drone enthusiasts to seasoned pilots - all who have directly contributed to DroneBase’s success.

We spoke with a few of our dedicated pilots to learn about their experience with DroneBase thus far. Here’s what they had to say.

On DroneBase’s UX...

“DroneBase has a great pilot support program that is beyond compare in this industry. They have developed a pilot portal that takes almost all of the planning and client out of the equation, allowing me to focus on my flying.” - Brian Deatherage, Phoenix Drone Service

“DroneBase has such a great user interface for their pilot assignments. Planning and executing a drone job through DroneBase is convenient, fun and rewarding.” - Mike Hendricks, Ascend Media Productions

On income...

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On developing pilot skills...

“If you mix innovation and creativity together, you’re on the right track. DroneBase has allowed me to fine tune my skills, work on my own initiative and be a part of a global family of UAV pilots.” - Jamie Malone, Through My Eyes

On DroneBase’s Pilot support...

“I have worked with many drone reservation services, and DroneBase is by far the leader in the field. Their pilot support system, lead generation efforts and quality leadership team have helped me grow my business.” - Doug Benson, Founder Elevated Exposures LLC

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