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Meet Enterprise Pilot: Andrew Dean

andrewdeanAndrew Dean is a DroneBase Pilot based out of Denver, Colorado - but when it comes to our Enterprise (or "Client")  Missions, he knows no borders.

He’s closing in on his 3rd year of flying professionally and has racked up hundreds of missions to date with DroneBase, with nearly 300 of those missions being insurance inspections in the wake of this year’s hail storms. To date, Dean has worked on missions in 4 separate states so far; each mission flown has become another notch in Dean's belt of experience.  He's always been quick to jump at a new opportunity to fly - even when it requires travel -  which has shaped his experience with DroneBase tremendously and is a testament to his skill.

Learn about how Dean gained experience on the DroneBase platform and began regularly flying client missions for an array of enterprise customers.

Getting Started: Using Pano Missions to Get Comfortable

When Dean first found DroneBase, he flew a number of Pano Missions to gain experience with our platform. During this time, he familiarized himself with the interface, uploading procedures, and more - this early-on familiarity became an invaluable skill as he advanced in the DroneBase Pilot Network. 

Client Missions: No Room for Error

According to Dean, Client Missions are highly specialized, and there’s absolutely no room for error. The reasoning is simple: “Someone’s property and/or insurance premium is on the line”, Dean explains.  “You figure that the average roof in Colorado is somewhere around $12K to replace. If you’re [not showing up to do your best work], it might be the difference between $10,000 and $5,000 in repair. You have the responsibility of potentially changing someone’s life for the better."

Shot Lists: A Professional Pilot's Best Friend

A well-written shot list is an enterprise Pilot's best bet for capturing exactly what DroneBase customers are looking for. Dean says,  "I don’t want any doubt about what I'm doing. A detailed shot list for me is a godsend because I know I can go to bed knowing I made my money honestly, and it was a job well done.”

How did Dean become one of DroneBase’s go-to pilots for enterprise missions? It’s a combination of factors, ranging from his willing demeanor to his professionalism & skillset. But Dean isn’t the only one of his kind - we have a network of highly-skilled pilots capable of expertly flying enterprise missions. 

If you're interested in becoming a DroneBase Pilot, head over to our Pilot Page to learn more. If you'd like to hire a pilot like Dean, get in touch with us today!


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