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Why Drone Service Providers Do It Best for Real Estate Imagery

These days, reasonably priced drones are available to the average consumer at any local electronics retailer. But not all those shopping for drones are doing so because they are flight or aerial imagery hobbyists.

Drones are used in real estate mainly as an advanced capture tool for photo and video. The aerial imagery is then featured accompanying a new listing across viewing platforms available to home shoppers, and with great success! Some statistics show homes listed with aerial imagery sell upwards of 70% faster than those without!

And because drone use in real estate is not all that technical compared to other industries, a lot of agents feel like they can leverage the ROI of drones in their practice even further by managing these operations themselves.

Truth be told, there is much more to drone use than what a residential real estate professional might have originally considered, especially regarding commercial applications.

The first major hurdle is the actual flying. It takes many hours of practice to get a feel for the size, speed, and subsequent maneuverability of a drone. That first week, month, or even year of choppy flight does not make for the best photography and videography imaginable.

Moreover, to truly take advantage of the benefits of drone footage in residential real estate, the drone’s operator must have an eye for the practice, which is not always something you can learn.

These challenges can be offset by employing a drone service provider like DroneBase to help you build the content around each new listing. The network of pilots working under the umbrella of a DSP will have been vetted for their flight proficiency and their artistry and each comes with the reviews and body of work to prove it.

More importantly, the company overseeing these pilots is well versed in what it means to fly drones commercially from a legal standpoint. That is one less MASSIVE thing to worry about as you continue to build your livelihood around a strong real estate brand and business.

Practice Makes Perfect

Drone imagery is worthless if the footage is shaky, out of frame, or if the lighting is not conducive to the focal point of the shot - in this case, the listed home or property.

Quality drone footage should never make the viewer wonder if it was filmed offshore, from the deck of a boat. This is no easy task to master!

Weeks and weeks of flight practice are necessary before a pilot can master the controls and angles of flight that create a rolling landscape of images over a property or a seamless transitions between the rooms inside of a home.

Eye on the Prize

Certainly the ability to man your drone well can be learned, but it is less likely that you will develop an eye for photography overnight.

Those that are not artistically inclined, or who do not understand the technical aspects of camera framing, may struggle to justify investing in a drone to their business’ bottom line.

When the agents that choose to go it alone compare their amateur footage to competitors using a drone service provider, they may find themselves feeling a bit defeated and in over their head.

The Rules of the Sky

Probably the biggest argument in favor of using a DSP is the company’s knowledge of air traffic regulations.

First and foremost, a DSP like DroneBase requires all its registered pilots to have their drone operator’s certification. In addition, DroneBase onboards and vets its drone operators personally, and even provides opportunities for pilots to hone and build on their skills over time.

For a smooth flight and a well framed and edited image, there are likely freelancers up to the task, but no individual has access to the infrastructure and resources available through a drone service provider.

This infrastructure allows the provider to quickly deploy a flight and pivot to meet all regulations as they pertain to the region specific to a given flight.

Ultimately, when real estate agents opt to use a DSP, they can safely conduct business with no liability, ensuring their investment in drone imagery and their business as a whole is protected in more ways than one.

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Christopher Grillo
Christopher Grillo

Christopher Grillo is a freelance writer and marketing consultant from New Haven, CT. He works mainly with companies in tech, real estate, and construction and development. Chris is a regular contributor to, Futurism Products, Contractor Culture and serves as a digital marketing consultant Fosdick Fulfillment Inc. a full service third party fulfillment center headquartered in Connecticut. He is the graduate of the University of New Haven, where he played strong safety for the Chargers’ football team, and of Southern Connecticut State University’s MFA program.


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