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Drone Service Providers and Data Management

In July we announced the launch of DroneBase Insights, a new drone inspection reports technology acquired from our friends at Betterview.

The new data platform represents our first foray into drone analytics, but it’s a move that’s been a long time coming.

That’s because in many industries, from solar farm inspections to construction surveys, the full potential of drone data is only realized when it’s combined with powerful software.

Without it, you can gather aerial data quickly and at scale, but often the time saved doing so is then spent on manual analysis.

That’s why we’ve established analytics partnerships with Hangar and Sterblue, as well as launching DroneBase Insights. Each of our partners has expertise and industry-specific software that, when enabled by our global pilot network, can provide powerful insights to management and maintenance teams.

So what are the advantages of letting your drone service provider (DSP) handle data analysis?

Industry-specific expertise

Drone software is constantly evolving, with powerful AI analysis tools emerging in every sector. Adoption of drone technology more generally is also on the rise.

But for businesses taking tentative steps toward finding the right solutions, it’s both reassuring and more practical to work with a DSP like DroneBase.

As well as providing a skilled pilot, in certain cases we can connect you with one of our analytics partners for specialist, industry-specific software.

If you’re in the maintenance or real estate business and require roof inspection services, we can handle that in-house with our new DroneBase Insights platform.

The point is that working with a DSP like DroneBase means much more than just getting a drone on demand. It means tapping into our expertise and industry partnerships and getting access to the latest tools to ensure you get the most out of every flight.

Saving you time and money

A big factor in the rise of drone technology has been its time-saving capabilities. From roof inspections to mapping, an eye in the sky can cut the time needed to perform tasks down from days to a matter of hours.

When working with a DSP, that same benefit carries over to data management and analysis. Without the right tools, software and expertise, you could be left with a stack of aerial data that still needs picking apart to clarify the insights and justify the initial investment.

The same goes if you’re gathering aerial footage for marketing or media purposes. Data collection is only the first step. That’s why DroneBase also offers post-production services in-house with packages that cover video presentations, high-resolution images, panoramas and more.

We’ve taken significant steps to ensure drone technology is as accessible as possible for businesses of all sizes in any industry.

Ultimately, these added services, covering everything from post-production to data analytics, remove the need to get a third party involved, help you keep costs down and simplify the process of putting drones to work.

Ready to find out more? Take a look through the industries we provide services to.

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Malek Murison
Malek Murison

Malek Murison is a technology journalist based in London who covers drone industry news and product reviews for DroneLife. He's written features for the Financial Times and works with some of the drone world's most exciting startups.


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