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Zeitview Employs Aerial Data Intelligence to Track Efficient Construction of Primergy Solar Power Plant

  • Zeitview to aerially monitor construction of the 6,000 acre Gemini site located 33 miles northeast of Las Vegas, one of the largest solar and storage installations in the U.S. to date
  • Primergy Solar to access aerial intelligence data to streamline construction and minimize rework, maintain construction schedules

With the construction of one of the country’s largest utility-scale solar and energy storage power plants underway to deliver 400,000 Las Vegas homes with renewable energy, Zeitview, formerly known as DroneBase, announced its continued partnership with the site’s developer Primergy Solar. Zeitview’s advanced inspection and data insights services are part of Primergy’s commitment to using state-of-the-art construction practices that reduce project footprint and preserve the local habitat. Zeitview is actively inspecting and analyzing the construction of the Gemini solar power plant to streamline construction, minimize costly corrections, evaluate challenges in real-time and improve project oversight.

“Gemini is an opportunity to lead the replacement of traditional coal-fueled power plants and pave the way for a more sustainable future. With over 1.8 million bifacial solar modules, the size, scale and integration of a 1.5GWh DC coupled battery, NV Energy has enabled one of the most complex clean energy power plants ever,” says Adam Larner, chief operating officer of Primergy Solar. “Aerial monitoring is critical in supporting the construction and operation of any solar asset, and with something at the scale of Gemini, it is even more crucial to maximizing the development and long-term investment in renewable energy power plants.

Zeitview’s exclusive aerial monitoring and Solar Insights software platform support developers, asset owners and investors to keep track of project construction, from equipment and staging locations to installation progress. Flying the site once a week, Zeitview planes and drones observe the construction of Gemini and deliver the captured imagery and data intelligence that cannot be collected from the ground alone so that Primergy can make informed, actionable decisions to ensure efficient development of the site. Zeitview’s construction monitoring platform incorporates artificial intelligence to analyze data from photographic documentation of the project site and associated components. Zeitview’s constantly improving AI algorithms allow them to ingest and analyze vast amounts of visual data with high accuracy.

“Aerial data intelligence is crucial for the efficient site management of solar plants like Gemini,” said Mark Culpepper, general manager of global solar solutions at Zeitview. “Beyond minimizing rework to delivering projects within time and budget constraints, a weekly bird’s eye view of construction provides the intelligence you can’t see from the ground. It makes inspectors more productive and frankly more accurate, compared to manual inspections, and saves the time and carbon emissions required to drive a site.”

Gemini will support over 1,000 jobs in the community during construction and add up to $463 million in economic development value to Nevada’s economy. Once the 690 MW of solar and 380 MW of energy storage of the Gemini power plant are interconnected to the local utility grid, it is predicted to provide a consistent, dispatchable clean energy resource for Nevada’s peak energy demands.

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Primergy Solar, LLC ( is a developer, owner and operator focused on both distributed and utility-scale solar PV and battery storage projects across the US. Primergy features a diverse and talented team with decades of experience in renewables project development, financing, construction and operations. Primergy Solar is a portfolio company of Quinbrook Infrastructure Partners and is Quinbrook’s primary investment platform for Quinbrook Infrastructure Partners' solar and solar plus energy storage activities in North America. 



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