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Zeitview Expands Services in Europe with Crewed Aircraft Solar Inspections

  • Delivering a standardized evaluation of solar assets, beginning in Italy, Zeitview to offer higher-value-per-euro aerial inspection services via scheduled flight paths."

  • Zeitview's aerial inspections of solar power plants deliver real-time, actionable site health insights to asset owners and investors.

  • Munich’s Intersolar Europe attendees can preview Zeitview’s solar asset reports and scheduled flight paths at the Zeitview booth (A4.209) from Wednesday, June 14, to Friday, June 16.

[Munich, Germany, JUNE 14, 2023] — Last year, Europe added a record 41 gigawatts of solar power, which is well on its way to overtaking wind energy as the primary source of Europe's clean electricity. With tens of millions more people relying on solar power yearly, Zeitview, a leading provider of AI-enabled advanced energy and infrastructure inspection software, has announced a further expansion of its solar inspection services in Europe. 

By using crewed aircraft following designated flight paths and AI-enabled aerial inspection capabilities, Zeitview is bringing aerial inspection services at scale to Europe. Using high-resolution millimeter-wave infrared cameras, Zeitview can collect quality data at scale to help power plants optimize maintenance and file warranty claims. The company has used this method for the past three years to provide highly efficient inspections of utility-scale solar arrays in the United States. Zeitview is starting its scanning operations in Italy this summer, with long-term plans to inspect 1 MW and larger solar power plants throughout the region.

"To achieve our climate goals, we need to bring a lot more solar power plants online and keep them running at peak efficiency, which means saving solar operators and their investors time and money," said Mark Culpepper, the general manager of global solar solutions at Zeitview. "The industry suffers from a noticeable lack of transparency and clarity regarding the objective health of solar assets overall. Our highly efficient and scalable aerial inspections gather comprehensive data sets that bring a universal and standardized assessment to the real-life conditions of solar assets."

To capture inspection data at scale, Zeitview uses aerial sensors mounted on airplanes to deliver reliable thermal and RGB views (or “truecolor” images) of solar power plants. Zeitview’s Solar Insights software uses AI, machine learning, and data analytics to assess equipment conditions and prioritize maintenance and repairs. Once an inspection is completed, stakeholders can access the asset data, imagery, and reports via the Solar Insights platform to maintain a global view of each system's financial performance and energy output through targeted maintenance and preventable downtime. Using airplanes enables Zeitview technicians to inspect 2 GW or more of power daily, creating an economy of scale unmatched by other imaging technologies. 

"Investors and site owners want to maximize the solar energy production of their projects, and aerial inspections are essential to that,” said Dan Burton, CEO at Zeitview. "A defect in a single module can significantly affect the performance of an entire string, so knowing the health of each module helps asset owners optimize output and accelerates the clean energy transition for all of us. We are thrilled to launch a cost-effective coordinated effort in Europe, allowing greater access to the data that benefits not only asset owners but also the solar industry."

Zeitview solar asset reports are designed to provide a gold standard for evaluating the total condition of solar power plants. Zeitview uses a simple three-letter rating system, each representing a specific aspect of the site's overall condition. The first letter in the rating represents the operating condition of the site, including locating failing components to estimate the power plant's direct current losses. The second letter in the rating indicates the highest recorded temperature of photovoltaic cells, with separate parameters for roof-mounted and ground-mounted assets, as elevated temperatures may indicate potential safety or liability risks. Finally, the last letter reflects the modules' condition by comparing the number of anomalies per megawatt peak, as more anomalies per megawatt generally indicate more potential problems with the modules.

Attendees of Intersolar Europe, held in Munich, Germany, will have access to a preview of Zeitview’s solar asset reports and scheduled flight paths at the Zeitview booth (A4.209) from Wednesday, June 14, to Friday, June 16. To learn more about solar services in Europe, Zeitview’s Solar Insights platform, or the scheduled flight path, please visit

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