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DroneBase Pilots using AirCraft

A few months ago we launched our Augmented Reality product, AirCraft.

Since going live we've seen some great examples of pilots using our new technology, and are excited to share a few of our favorite examples. Check them out below - and don't be surprised if you're suddenly inspired to fly!

Sebastian Ellis was one of the first Pilots to test and review AirCraft.  He immediately expressed his enthusiasm after drawing his last name in the sky above his home.  "Life is going to change so much...thank you DroneBase!"


Another Pilot, Trent Siggard, created his own tutorial video and shared his experience with placing objects in the sky. As Trent said, "It's a lot of fun. It's re-sparked a new desire inside to fly. It's getting me outside, it's getting me to new places...and there's something exciting knowing that there's a piece of art out there that you created."

Like many pilots, Trent is aware of - curious about - the potential commercial applications: "I'm excited to see what [DroneBase builds] off the software. I'm excited to see...if we can render a real building in space and place that into an environment, I think that's where things get really interesting. DroneBase is demonstrating the base technology."


We also dropped a few structures across major cities in the U.S. and challenged our pilots to fly, capture, and build wherever their AR objects live.

One Kentucky-based DroneBase Pilot, Willie, found one of our giant chicken structures...with the KFC Yum Center in the background!


Another DroneBase Pilot spotted the AirCraft logo flying high above Boulder, CO.



Are you ready to fly, build, and create? Be sure to check out our How To article before getting outside and launching AirCraft from the DroneBase Pilot App.

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