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Bureau Veritas North America and Zeitview Reach Major Milestone in Property Inspections

From Roof to Pavement, Advancing Inspection & Affirming Trust

Today, Zeitview and Bureau Veritas North America announce a milestone in their ongoing partnership: more than 200 million square feet of roofs, facades and pavements inspected over the past two years.

Zeitview provides advanced inspection software and services to customers in property management, insurance, roofing, real estate and telecommunications as well as solar, wind and electric utilities. Zeitview’s global network of 80,000 certified and trained drone pilots and technicians provide on-demand inspections of assets all over the world.

Founded in 1828, Bureau Veritas is a multinational company based in France that specializes in testing, inspection and certification with customers in many sectors, including building and infrastructure, marine and offshore, and consumer products. With a reputation two centuries in the making of providing trustworthy inspection services to its own customers, Bureau Veritas wanted to partner with a company that shared these values in order to manage its vast portfolio of properties in North America.

Zeitview and Bureau Veritas share a commitment to helping customers understand the condition of their assets, save energy and lower environmental impact,” said Dan Burton, Zeitview’s founder and CEO. “We are honored that a global leader with such high standards has trusted us with over 200 million square feet of assets.”

As a global company, Bureau Veritas values Zeitview’s ability to capture data anywhere in the world on a wide range of infrastructure and renewable energy assets.

“As we at Bureau Veritas North America maintain our strategic focus on safety, leveraging innovative imaging and analysis technologies, and investing in AI tools, we rely on partners such as Zeitview to help us achieve our goals and provide safer, AI-driven inspection options,” said Justin Arias,Executive Vice President of Operations. “We appreciate the support the Zeitview team has provided over the course of 200 million square feet of inspections.”

Bureau Veritas first partnered with Zeitview, then known as DroneBase, in 2021 for roof, facade and pavement inspection data, as well as to aid in site selection for electric vehicle charging stations. Zeitview drone pilots conduct inspections and feed the data into its AI-powered Property Insights platform, where customers can log in to see a variety of property condition reports.

Bureau Veritas relies on several reports and tools within Zeitview Property Insights:

  • Roof condition reports, to better understand anomalies like water ponding and hail damage
  • Thermal reports, to proactively detect moisture under the roof membrane or areas of energy loss
  • Pavement reports, to comprehensively see cracks and potholes
  • Slope tools, in order to identify terrain appropriate for electric vehicle charging stations

“The Zeitview platform supports Bureau Veritas overall goal for clients to reduce travel time and costs, streamline, and improve decision making, and achieve a comprehensive view of their facilities from anywhere,” said Chad Anderson, Program Manager, Expansion Services.   



Jose Giraldo
Jose Giraldo

Jose Giraldo is the GM of Property Solutions at Zeitview. He oversees partnership opportunities and platform integrations that help create a more robust offering. With Jose's insight into core industries and knowledge on drone services, Zeitview has become the trusted, go-to inspection platform for insurance, real estate, and inspection companies to acquire aerial imagery. Prior to joining DroneBase, he worked in various sales roles, including channel and B2B sales. Jose received his BA in Hospitality & Tourism Management from San Diego State University. When he isn't in the office, you can find Giraldo making travel plans or surfing on the coast of CA.

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