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DroneBase Pilot Guide: Weather & Client Missions

Our goal at DroneBase is to set pilots up for success. The DroneBase Operations Team strives to provide clear instructions and requirements for all Client Missions. Today, we want to address the different weather requirements that our customers can select.

Option 1: Up to 10% cloudy

Option 2: Up to 50% cloudy

Option 3: Up to 100% cloudy


We measure cloud coverage by the percentage of the sky that is covered with clouds. If you do a 360-degree spin – either manually with your own two feet or with your drone – ask yourself: What percentage of the sky is covered in clouds?

If the cloud coverage is at or below the threshold for the Mission, proceed! If the cloud coverage is above the threshold, please reschedule the Mission. For a Mission to be completed successfully, the assets must be captured when the weather requirements – and all other requirements – are met. If a Mission is shot in the wrong weather conditions, a reshoot will be required.

If the weather requirements for the Mission are Up to 10% cloudy, there should be little to no clouds in the sky. The customer is willing to wait for these conditions to be met. See example images here:


If the weather requirements for the Mission are Up to 50% cloudy, clouds can cover up to half of the sky. This is the most common requirement for real estate Missions. See example images here:


If a Mission has weather requirements of Up to 10% cloudy or Up to 50% cloudy, the assets are generally being used for marketing purposes. Please keep this in mind while flying, and note that smoky, hazy, or foggy skies will require a reshoot.

If the weather requirements for the Mission are Up to 100% cloudy, clouds can cover the entire sky. Customers choose this because they want a fast turnaround time or want us to fly on a specific date. This is the most common requirement for insurance, inspection, and construction Missions. The only reason we should be rescheduling is if it is raining or if it is too windy to fly. See example images here:

What should I do if I just accepted a Client Mission but the weather requirements aren’t going to be met this week? I am really eager to fly!

If you are eager to fly and test out the shot list, go ahead! But please, do not practice on the subject property for the Mission and do not upload the assets to the Mission. Most of our reshoots are due to the Mission being shot correctly but in the wrong weather conditions.

Got it. Anything else I should know about weather & DroneBase Missions?

The weather listed in the DroneBase Pilot App and Pilot Dashboard is a prediction. If you arrive onsite and the weather conditions are not being met, please reschedule and do not shoot.

For certain insurance Missions, please do not fly if the roof is wet or covered in snow as this can take away from anomalies. Refer back to your Mindflash courses for specifics. 

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Chris Howard
Chris Howard

Chris Howard is a Senior Operations Manager at DroneBase. He oversees all real estate and construction missions. His prior work experience is in consulting, startups, and operations. Chris earned his BS in Business Management from Georgia Institute of Technology. In his free time, he is probably working on recipes for his cooking blog. He also has a dog named Santa.


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