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Integrating with Airbus UTM: Simplifying Airspace Authorizations for DroneBase Customers and Pilots

With 2021 soon coming to a close, our team here at DroneBase is looking forward to continuing to build on our success and rapid growth from this year. One of these keys to success from this year I know to be critical is stability for our customers and pilots. With that, I’m excited to announce DroneBase is integrated with Airbus UTM, a global, reliable solution to ​manage airspace across DroneBase’s flight and pilot operations. 

The integration with Airbus UTM implements the Low Altitude Authorization and Notification Capability (LAANC) authorization service, providing a more streamlined experience for our customers and DroneBase’s network of 80,000 commercial drone pilots with tools to plan, review, conduct flights, and request approvals to fly in restricted airspace. 

As the leading intelligent aerial imaging company, our goal is to continue to deliver best-in-class solutions to inspect and maintain critical infrastructure. Integrating Airbus UTM with DroneBase’s solutions is expected to enhance our inspection capabilities by surfacing airspace restrictions and streamlining authorizations. With consolidation in the drone industry a continued theme, I’m pleased to be working with an established, trusted global organization in Airbus that can scale with DroneBase’s enterprise customers.

Whether requesting authorization to deploy drones to capture high-resolution photos of wind turbines, planning flights to inspect commercial real estate complexes after a hurricane, or capturing thermal data of a solar farm, the DroneBase team and I are committed to delivering intelligent aerial imagery and reports that quickly pinpoint the action that stakeholders can take to efficiently reduce risk, recover revenue, or improve the build quality of their high-value infrastructure. 

DroneBase was started with a vision to leverage robotics, sensors, and technology to help transform the world into a better, safer, and cleaner space. With the Airbus UTM integration, we have come another step closer to realizing that vision. 


Dan Burton

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Dan Burton
Dan Burton

Dan Burton is the CEO and Founder of Zeitview. He initially became a drone enthusiast during his service as a Marine Infantry Officer in Iraq and Afghanistan from 2007 - 2011. While in the Marines, the drone industry was just getting started and he watched it grow from the likes of the first desktop computers to iPhones. Before founding Zeitview, Dan analyzed industries for global corporations on Goldman Sachs’ Technology, Media & Telecom Group. He started his career as a Special Projects Assistant in the U.S. Senate. Dan has an MBA from Harvard Business School and a Bachelor of Arts from New York University.


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