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Reasons Why Drones Will Continue to Grow in Popularity

The following is a guest contribution by Allison Hail for DroneBase.

Drones have been around for decades, but new, innovative developments mean that they’ve recently experienced a surge in popularity, both in professional environments and with the general public. Although drones may seem like a passing trend to the undiscerning eye, it's highly unlikely to be the case. As the technology advances, drones will continue to grow in popularity. Here are just some of the reasons why!


They are great for photography and film 

Professional photographers are increasingly using drones in their work, be it to shoot weddings or wildlife. Drone technology has made it easier than ever to learn how to capture captivating aerial shots. Drones can also help create stunning footage of natural environments or cityscapes for movies, and the average person can take advantage of drone photography and film, too.

Perhaps you’re tired of taking the same shots as everyone else on your travels? Drones could very well be the solution to your search for innovative photos or videos that’ll stand out from the crowd – just make sure you read and adhere to your local drone laws.

They help law enforcement

Drones are being adopted by law enforcement agencies everywhere. These extra-mobile devices are used for many reasons, including viewing ongoing crimes, searching hard-to-reach areas, and monitoring large crowds.

 Drones can sometimes even function as part of search and rescue missions when used with thermal sensors. While the legality of their use in law enforcement depends on the area, there’s no doubt that drones are fast becoming a tool of choice for various government agencies around the world.

They make delivery simple

As online shopping becomes increasingly popular and convenient, the shift to huge online retailers using drones to deliver purchases seems inevitable. While it’s been difficult for companies like Amazon to figure out the logistics and legality of delivery using drones, it’s likely that in the future drones won’t be beat when it comes to quick, easy transportation of goods.

Many industries now rely on drones

Drones help to increase profits and productivity and minimize labor in all sorts of companies, and their reach is certainly not limited to niche industries.  One of the industries that drones have heavily influenced is the agricultural sector, where farmers are using drones to monitor and apply pesticides to crops.  Drones have also been incredibly useful to real estate companies, where agents use them to capture enticing marketing footage of properties and surrounding areas.

They will help to connect the world

You might find it difficult to imagine a world in which you couldn’t get online whenever you wished. Unfortunately, lack of internet access remains the reality for many people around the world. Enter drones: in the near future, they’ll be able to provide broadband internet access in remote or otherwise unconnected areas. Positioned well above the reach of adverse weather conditions, these drones may be able to work for years at a time.

They can access places we can’t

It can be difficult to map or explore places that have extremely rough or dangerous terrain or that require specialized transport – but drones are here to help. By providing an alternative way to see the world, drones are paving the way in exploration and also provide a way to view sites that are temporarily difficult to access, such as disaster zones, where relief efforts can then be better administered.

 It’s an exciting time for technology of all kinds, and we’ll be seeing the popularity of drones increase for years to come. Whether you want to own your own drone or just keep an eye on new developments, the future of drone technology, as well as its extensive history, is worth exploring. 

Allison loves reading about how new technological developments are helping the world become a better place.  Her writing on tech, business and lifestyle topics can be found on various sites and blogs. To read more of her articles or simply say hello, visit Allison’s Tumblr page.


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