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The Benefits to Using DroneBase Insights Roof Reports

DroneBase Insights Roof Reports provide our customers with detailed, reliable, and actionable reports of roof measurements and the condition of key infrastructure.

A key industry seeing the benefits of Insights Roof Reports is the field of property management, where roof maintenance is a regular and necessary task that drones can bring new levels of efficiency to. 

The combination of our pilot network, highly accurate reports, and a team of in-house adjusters quickly presents property managers with a clear overview of issues, a thorough understanding of the relevant structures, and recommendations to ensure they are kept in good condition.

Here are a few of the benefits of using DroneBase Insights Reports.

Roof Measurements

Miscalculations can be exceedingly expensive and time consuming when it comes to roof installations or repairs. Our latest offering, the Insights Measurements Report, is designed to reduce those errors while providing highly detailed and accurate roof measurements. The report includes exact dimensions of your structure, along with an estimate of its age, material composition, and roof pitch.

Before making an estimate, beginning a renovation, or completing an installation, contractors and other key stakeholders can make informed decisions about their property using the measurements report. 

Roof Condition Assessment with Recommendations

In many cases, using a drone to carry out a roof inspection reduces the time it takes to diagnose and respond to issues. 

With DroneBase’s Insights Roof Report, any issues found are segmented into one of three groups: Critical, Priority, and Moderate. These span the scale from life safety and imminent loss producing conditions to more minor physical deficiencies. 

You’ll also receive details of any debris, rust, ponding, encroaching vegetation, and other damage, giving you a broad overview of issues that could develop into something more serious if left unresolved. 

All of which contributes to an immediate roof condition assessment with insights and recommendations on what steps to take to mitigate the problems that have been discovered.

Thermal Insights to Add more Depth to your Analysis 

A rapidly evolving field in the world of drones and their payloads is thermal imagery. This type of image can provide insights into issues that aren't otherwise visible to the naked eye. 

Our Thermal Insights Roof Report allows you to tap into that capability, get into the membrane of roofs, and highlight water leaks, solar panel deficiencies, cracks, and even malfunctioning HVAC units.

Often, some of the hardest issues to spot spiral into being the most expensive to resolve. Thermal imagery and data can help you detect these issues and take action to mitigate them, before it’s too late. 

Speed, Safety, and Objectivity

Working with DroneBase allows you to gather insights without putting staff at risk, whether they would otherwise be scaling heights, working in hard to access locations, or working in teams while social distancing measures are in place. 

DroneBase Insights Roof Reports also provide a guarantee of objectivity for when you can’t afford to make decisions based on conjecture or estimations. Our team offers unbiased expertise to help you reduce risk.  

With our Pilot Network and Insights Reports, DroneBase offers an end to end solution for property inspections. Whether you use a DroneBase pilot or capture drone data yourself, our Insights Roof Reports provide the critical information needed to detect costly issues sooner. For more information visit our Insights Roof Reports page. 

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Malek Murison
Malek Murison

Malek Murison is a technology journalist based in London who covers drone industry news and product reviews for DroneLife. He's written features for the Financial Times and works with some of the drone world's most exciting startups.


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