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DroneBase Becomes First Drone Company to Join AAIS

DroneBase is proud to announce its affiliation with The American Association of Insurance Services (AAIS), introducing drone technology to national insurance carriers to revolutionize aerial inspections. DroneBase offers improved operational efficiency and enhanced safety through the power of a nationwide pilot network and its innovative tech solutions.

DroneBase is the largest network of Drone Pilots in the country, with a fleet of over 10,000 qualified pilots, ready to complete aerial imagery tasks on short notice in their respective areas. DroneBase’s vast and agile nationwide network will prove a useful tool for the insurers that consistently rely on AAIS insurance advisory, including most of the nation’s largest insurance companies.

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“DroneBase is a welcome addition to our associate program, as the preeminent provider of drone inspection services to many of our members,” said Ed Kelly, president and CEO of AAIS. “Our associate program provides DroneBase with access to valuable AAIS content and expertise that helps them ensure their solutions are current, compliant and easy to use for their AAIS member customers.”

DroneBase will add immense value to insurers: from underwriting for initial insurers, to claims after natural disasters, hail damage, wind damage, fire damage, and beyond. The company provides AAIS members an innovative solution to scale aerial inspections nationwide. DroneBase is the only drone company built with an API that allows its customers to seamlessly provide for thousands of inspection locations across the country, and have images and data piped into their system automatically.

“We are providing the ultimate desk adjustment solution that is faster, cheaper, safer, and of higher quality than the alternative of a human climbing onto the roof,” said DroneBase CEO, Dan Burton.  “We are actively flying in all 50 states, and outside the U.S. as well. We look forward to providing a superior alternative to reduce the inspection cycle, settle claims faster, let the adjusters focus on what they are best at, and help bring the insurance industry to new heights with drones.”

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DroneBase is the leading intelligent aerial imaging company for high-value infrastructure, providing businesses with actionable, real-time insights to recover revenue, reduce risk and improve build quality. Headquartered in Santa Monica, CA, DroneBase serves customers in the solar, wind, insurance, construction, real estate, and critical infrastructure industries. Trusted by the largest enterprises in the world, DroneBase is active in over 70 countries.


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