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Pilot Spotlight: Mike R.

DroneBase’s community is comprised of talented drone pilots across the U.S., each powered by the desire to capture aerial footage for commercial and creative use. Each month, we highlight just one of our many talented pilots, in an effort give the greater community a behind-the-scenes look into the life of a DroneBase professional.

We’re excited to feature Mike R. from Missouri in this month’s Pilot Spotlight. Mike has been flying with DroneBase for nearly two years and has completed quite a few paid missions during that time.  Like many others in our pilot network, Mike earns income capturing imagery as an alternative to a traditional desk job. We might be partial, but we have to agree with him - a pilot’s “desk view” is hard to beat.

Learn more about Mike’s time as a DroneBase pilot so far:

DroneBase: What drone do you primarily fly with?

Mike: Inspire 1 X3 Camera.

DroneBase: What are your favorite things to shoot?

Mike: Architecture, roofs, buildings and building complexes, large scale engineering projects...

DroneBase: What is your favorite aspect about being a drone pilot?

Mike: You’re out of an office or cubicle most of the time.

DroneBase: Is there anything you specifically enjoy about DroneBase?

Mike:  I've enjoyed their technology advancements and love the pilot app. I log on, see that there's a project nearby, and fly it. I can be anywhere with a spare moment or two...[and once the content is captured], I put it up on the dashboard and get paid.


DroneBase: What was your best piloting experience?

Mike:  Flying the drone inside the St. Francis Xavier College Church for footage for Saint Louis University national ad campaign commercial.

DroneBase: What was your worst piloting experience?

Mike: None yet…knock on wood!

We’ll knock on wood for Mike, too...though we know he doesn't need it! Mike has captured some incredible imagery during his tenure thus far, and we can't wait to see the content he captures in the future.If you’re interested in flying with us, visit here to learn more about being a pilot and signing up. If you’re a customer and would like to work with Mike (or another talented DroneBase pilot in your area), visit us here.

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