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How to Work with DroneBase this Spring

Spring is just around the corner, which means the icy snowcaps will soon melt and selling season will be back in full swing for real estate agents across the country.

While it may be too soon to tell, it's been reported that 2018 may be a buyer's market and the hot demand for housing may cool off slightly over the next 12 months. Now more than ever, it's important for agents to put their best foot - and photos - forward, to set their properties up for a successful sale.

This spring, ensure that your marketing strategy is aligned with your goal of selling more properties. Recent studies have proven that aerial imagery sells homes at a 68% faster rate, meaning there's no better time than now to ramp up your property marketing and make 2018 your most successful year yet!

Not sure where to start? Here are a few ways to work with DroneBase's aerial imagery services this spring.

Showcase Properties Using our Best-Selling Images Package

As green begins to emerge once again and neighborhoods become more lively, an aerial image package may be exactly what you need to show off your property in context. Take advantage of the bright blue skies soon to come, and highlight the beauty of your properties from above.

DroneBase is proud to offer a variety of packages built to suit every agent's needs, however, there is one package that has consistently been a customer favorite. According to DroneBase’s Director of Real Estate, Kelsey Foster, “Our Images Package is easily one of our best-sellers, thanks to the affordable price point and range of imagery we provide in each package.”

As you can see in our sample Images Package, the high volume of images available means you’ll have multiple aerial vantage points to choose from when marketing your properties.

Increase likelihood of a sale with video

There's a distinct opportunity for realtors to leverage video more this year. In a recent MLS survey, it was found that 73 percent of homeowners say that they are more likely to list with a real estate agent who uses video to market their home; however, only 9 percent of agents create listing videos.

If you're within the 91% of agents who have yet to leverage video in your property marketing, this is the year to change your approach. Aerial video is a fantastic way to showcase your property and the surrounding neighborhood, and is sure to entice potential buyers for an in-person walkthrough.

Leverage our API integration

REITs and other larger organizations often have a need for a high volume of aerial imagery requests. In those cases, our API integration makes the process of inputting flights as easy as possible for our customers.

Enterprise companies can work with us at scale by seamlessly sending 100’s or 1000’s of orders directly into our workflow to maximize efficiency, lower costs, and decrease turnaround time.

You can learn more about our API integration here.


Are you ready to start selling properties faster? Head on over to our Pricing Page to learn more and place your next order!

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