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Our Commitment to Data Accuracy

Before the popularization of drones to capture aerial imagery & analytics, the only option was to hire a helicopter or airplane to capture the necessary birds-eye data.

Not only was the use of manned aircrafts time-consuming, it was also costly: "service providers needed a lot of capital to buy manned aircraft, expensive large-format cameras and computing technology to process the data," said Mike Tolly, president and CEO of Aerial Services Inc.

In today's world, there are thousands of drone pilots across the country who provide a host of mapping services. Drones immediately solve the frustrations associated with cost & time, but most notably, they create efficiencies in data processing and accuracy.

The Importance of Accurate Data

With drone-captured data, the possibilities are endless: worksite managers can receive accurate estimates, generate maps, modify plans to meet on-the-ground conditions, and more...all in a matter of clicks.


DroneBase is already being used in hundreds of worksites nationwide. We're excited to be a leading AEC solution for high-quality, accurate aerial data, and our services are available across a variety of applications. From surveying to water resource mapping and everything in between, our team of certified, professional pilots are ready to be deployed to capture accurate worksite analytics.

Our Commitment to Data Accuracy

As a nationwide, best-in-class drone service provider for aerial data, we're proud of our commitment to data accuracy for all of our customers.  We've integrated technology from some of the leading drone analytics teams to ensure every customer receives work-ready solutions in the form of rich, accurate analytics.

Ready to get accurate drone data for your construction or AEC projects? When customers choose DroneBase for their aerial data needs, they always receive access to a network of qualified, trained, and professional pilots. Our team takes care of all pre-planning, safety checks, and quality control, so that our partners receive high-quality results without any hassle.

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DroneBase is the leading intelligent aerial imaging company for high-value infrastructure, providing businesses with actionable, real-time insights to recover revenue, reduce risk and improve build quality. Headquartered in Santa Monica, CA, DroneBase serves customers in the solar, wind, insurance, construction, real estate, and critical infrastructure industries. Trusted by the largest enterprises in the world, DroneBase is active in over 70 countries.


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