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Capture Great Aerial Real Estate Imagery this Fall

Residential real estate agents all over the U.S. have been successfully using drone footage to highlight their listings in a way that attracts serious buyers and moves properties faster.

But a seasoned real estate professional does not just frivolously schedule a drone pilot; or she accounts for factors that have the potential to effect on the quality of  images, and thus, the interest a particular listing receives from prospective home buyers.

There are a few fundamental reasons for agents to go all in on fall, most of which have to do with conditions that facilitate better photos or videos. But there are some other things to consider that are of direct impact to agents. For instance, the return on investment of fall images over those captured at other times of the year.

Leverage the Images

The benefits of fall imagery from a photography or videography standpoint are fairly obvious once broken down.

Fall means shorter days, which in turn means sunsets and sunrises happen at more accessible times. A drone pilot is capable of capturing aerial imagery of your new listing at sunrise, when it’s potential is on full display, at a slightly more reasonable hour.

During the summer, the same images might mean a 4 AM call time for your pilot, and what’s worse, for you, to meet them. Pilots and piloting companies may also have surcharges around shoots scheduled outside of certain time frames. In autumn, this should not be the case.

Outside of getting your beauty sleep, dusk and dawn are a little different in autumn than in other months. The position of the sun is such that the blue and golden hours, as they are referred to in the business, are longer, so there is a larger window within which great photos and videos can be taken.

In addition, shadows tend to lengthen in fall, and because of the cooler weather, the skies are less polluted and the weather tends to be more varied. That said, there is less potential for ong spells of bad weather to stall shoots. All of these circumstances working together create an ideal setting in which the best possible images can be captured.  


The benefits of scheduling drone imaging for the fall listed above are true for agents in more regions throughout the country, but it is in New England and the surrounding areas where real estate professionals are truly spoiled.

Fall in this region of the country has one huge distinguishing factor: foliage. It is perhaps the sole reason that tourism exists in some of the small rural and suburban communities in places like Connecticut, Massachusetts, upstate New York, and New Hampshire.

On scenic car rides, nature walks, and hikes, leaf peepers from near and far admire this mark of passing seasons. Surely best to observe from above, and from no vantage can the sprawling warm color schemes of tree tops in late September and October be seen quite that of a drone.

Spend on the Best

While life, and especially business, are not always so convenient to provide agents with an influx of listings right at the start of fall, it is a bit of a natural phenomenon for the number of listings to increase during this time. This is because both sellers and agents realize that during this season, properties will look their best.

For agents, this means more eye catching content to include with listings, and  hopefully, as a natural consequence, more interest from buyers.

It is natural to think that listing content should correspond with the current season, but agents need only to put themselves in the shoes of a buyer. In the depths of winter, as they scan the various market listing sites, buyers are more likely to follow up on the homes they can envision at their best, and not those snowed in and tinted in winter grey scale.

Best Weather Month

Once you have your pictures live you will attract buyers, there is no doubt about it. This is the best part of scheduling real estate drone photography for the fall. When you have your showings, the properties will not only look their best, but the experience will take place in the most pleasant weather months for New Englanders. If you have a creative touch, you can even capitalize on the feelings of nostalgia associated with the weeks leading up to the holidays, staging homes that are warm, inviting, and welcome family and celebration.

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Christopher Grillo
Christopher Grillo

Christopher Grillo is a freelance writer and marketing consultant from New Haven, CT. He works mainly with companies in tech, real estate, and construction and development. Chris is a regular contributor to, Futurism Products, Contractor Culture and serves as a digital marketing consultant Fosdick Fulfillment Inc. a full service third party fulfillment center headquartered in Connecticut. He is the graduate of the University of New Haven, where he played strong safety for the Chargers’ football team, and of Southern Connecticut State University’s MFA program.


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