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Drone Pilots Can Get an Edge with Virtual Tour Software

UAVs are multi-purpose tools used in a wide range of industries, from real estate to telecommunications to first response, now often utilized for the betterment of society and to aid in the everyday lives of individuals.

Any time a technology system is adopted at such a wide scale, doors are opened for even further innovation. For example, there are many opportunities to host and feature all of the great aerial imagery content captured by drone pilots around the world.

One type of aerial imagery that drones can uniquely capture is a 360-degree panorama from the sky. DroneBase customers, particularly in residential and commercial real estate, are already ordering and taking advantage of this interactive way of viewing the exterior of a property and its surrounding area.

For drone pilots capturing their own panoramas, companies like Kuula are offering a place to host and share such imagery on their 360 Virtual Tour platform. This could prove to be a valuable offering for drone pilots providing services to their own local clientele.

What is 360 Virtual Tour software?

A virtual tour is a series of panoramic photographs spliced together in a way that simulates the experience of physical space. These are commonly used by real estate agents, for instance, and featured along with a home listing. For real estate pros, the benefits are two-fold.

First, sellers are much more likely to invest in agents who are on the cutting-edge with their listings. Drone pilots who work in real estate have experienced this first hand. Think of virtual tour capabilities as the extra mile in terms of content creation. Consequently, listings that feature virtual tours sell faster and at higher price points.

That last fact especially puts virtual tour footage in high demand amongst agents, and not just for a home’s interior. Home buyers are just as interested in the property, neighborhood, and surrounding areas.

Drone pilots now have access to a subscription-based, virtual tour and 360-degree image-sharing platform where users can easily upload, edit, and push content to clients in industries like real estate, construction, insurance, and hospitality.

Kuula currently has 75,000 registered users across 190 countries. Frequent users love its ease of use as both mobile and desktop interfaces allow for the creation of professional grade footage that can even be adapted for virtual reality.

As a drone pilot, your skillset and expertise can be transferable across industries, so you're not limited to just real estate. Perhaps you are already working with construction or development companies, providing still imagery for the purposes of site progress. The ability to report site progress through a virtual tour is an even stronger proposition for pilots. With a platform like Kuula, pilots can embed annotations within footage and deliver materials in different file formats including video, flat images, and 360 photos.

Moreover, insurance providers, telecommunications companies, and property management firms all conduct regular inspections. In many cases, companies are already employing drone pilots for this purpose. Drone pilots can customize this service further by adding virtual tour footage to their menu of services to their clientele.

The capacity to deliver materials of even more value can be achieved by drone pilots without any risk, and it is all made possible by a platform such as Kuula. To learn more, register free at

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Christopher Grillo
Christopher Grillo

Christopher Grillo is a freelance writer and marketing consultant from New Haven, CT. He works mainly with companies in tech, real estate, and construction and development. Chris is a regular contributor to, Futurism Products, Contractor Culture and serves as a digital marketing consultant Fosdick Fulfillment Inc. a full service third party fulfillment center headquartered in Connecticut. He is the graduate of the University of New Haven, where he played strong safety for the Chargers’ football team, and of Southern Connecticut State University’s MFA program.


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