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DroneBase Insights: The Insights Measurements Report

In a wide range of industries, precision - down to the nearest centimeter - can be the difference between success and failure.

Whether you’re measuring the gradient of a roof’s slope ahead of scheduled maintenance, or mapping a commercial building’s surface area as part of an insurance adjustment, the details matter. 

Greater accuracy brings greater clarity to any given situation. That’s the driving factor behind the launch of DroneBase’s Insights Measurements Report.  

What are Insights Reports?

DroneBase Insights Reports combine high-quality aerial data and AI analysis with the expertise of our in-house team. The result is a set of detailed reports that provide property managers with structural information, key insights into potential anomalies, and recommendations they need to make timely and cost-effective decisions. 

When coupled with our global pilot network, it’s an end-to-end aerial property inspection solution. 

The Insights Measurements Report

Measurement Reports are ideal in any situation that requires an accurate, in-depth overview of a structure and its dimensions. 

Each Insights Measurements Report includes:

  • An Orthomosaic View of the structure from above
  • Linear measurements of its roof dimensions
  • Measurements of the total surface area, segmented into slopes, ridges and valleys
  • Details on the pitch of each slope
  • Aerial cardinal images to provide greater context

Detailed measurements can help inform decisions, from roofing and construction to property management and insurance. The data collected can be used to inform maintenance strategies, construction work, and other project planning. 

For property managers, Insights Measurements Report offer up to date and precise dimensions where previously there may have been guesswork. The information gathered on the gradients of slopes, in particular, can be useful in pinpointing at-risk areas that need to be checked regularly for signs of damp and any water flow issues.    

Having an accurate picture of a roof’s surface area can also come in handy when planning, negotiating, and commissioning maintenance work from contractors. 

For insurance providers and claims adjusters, a detailed aerial overview can provide the foundations for a policy and support the claims inspection process.   

Why Use Insights Measurements Reports?

Many of the benefits of our Insights Measurements Report service stem from the underlying technology at its core: drones. The adoption of drone technology can bring immense safety, cost, and efficiency benefits in any industry that relies on data gathering. 


Roofs tend to be dangerous places. Sending teams to scale a building with equipment to gather precise measurements increases your risk. A single drone with a pre-programmed flight path can get all the information you need while your team stays safe on the ground. 

Reduced time on-site

Accessing roofs can be time-consuming as well as dangerous. Whether you’re carrying out an insurance adjustment or planning a construction project, a drone can gather the measurements you need in a fraction of the time.  

Lower costs

Because of the reduced time required on site and the speed at which an entire structure can be measured, tapping into DroneBase’s Pilot Network and Insights Measurements Reports can significantly lower the cost of data gathering. Our data suggests that 15% of inspection costs can be saved compared to traditional methods.  


Combining drone data with our Insights platform brings unprecedented levels of objectivity to your data gathering efforts. However you intend to use the information, you can rest assured that bias will be taken out of the equation. 

Arranging an Insights Measurements Report is quick and easy. To get the ball rolling, request an inspection and provide our team with a few property details. 

In a matter of days, we’ll send out a DroneBase pilot to capture all the data required and upload it to our Insights platform for analysis. Then, one of our in-house experts will collate the findings into a detailed report. 

You can learn more about the process of arranging an Insights Measurements Report here.

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