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Roof Condition Analysis through Insights Roof Reports

Insights Roof Reports are the final piece in the puzzle for organizations looking for an end-to-end drone service solution. Combined with a global pilot network, they provide property managers and professionals in the roofing, insurance, real estate, and property management industries with detailed information, anomaly detection, and maintenance recommendations. 

These property-focused Roof Reports come in three variations: 

  • The Insights Roof Report, which offers an assessment of your property’s structural condition and in-depth analysis.
  • The Thermal Insights Roof Report, which helps stakeholders detect issues that otherwise can’t be spotted, such as moisture entrapment under a roof membrane or HVAC unit leaks. 
  • The Insights Measurements Report, which provides accurate measurements of your property’s dimensions to help you plan maintenance and construction projects. 

Each of these is tailored to a different requirement, whether you’re looking for a general overview of roof condition for your commercial property with the Insights Roof Report, or precise dimensions before committing resources with the Insight Measurements Report. 

But in some cases, a combination of all three might represent the best option for your organization. This is particularly the case if you’re preparing to sell or lease a property, or if you want to gather as much information as possible for a property that’s newly come under your management. That’s where a full property condition analysis through Insights Roof Reports enters the picture.   

Achieving a Full Roof Condition Analysis

Through a comprehensive package of Insights Reports, spanning thermal images, structural conditions, and precise property measurements, stakeholders of a property can make better, faster, and more informed decisions about the condition of their property. 

It’s an ideal combination for roofers, property managers, insurance, and real estate teams that need a complete overview of a structure from above, and is an ideal accompaniment to conventional reports of a building’s internal condition.  

Speed, Safety, and Cost Savings

The data gathering process is simple and safe: DroneBase pilots can carry out contactless flights, often without needing to set foot on your property at all. This in turn reduces risk to staff, who no longer have to venture onto rooftops unless it’s absolutely necessary.

Turnaround times are fast and reliable. Operations spanning mission set-up, airspace approvals, flights, analysis, and reporting to be carried out within a matter of days. In addition to quick turnaround times, DroneBase’s in-house team of experts can be counted on to provide accurate and objective analysis on the condition of your property. 

Combining all of the data into one set of reports provides an end-to-end aerial property inspection, saves a significant amount of time, reduces your costs, and is far safer than the manual alternative.

Priceless Insights

Aside from speed, safety, and cost savings, the full set of Insights Roof Reports enables organizations to tap into two unique DroneBase offerings that form a compelling solution. 

DroneBase's Insights reports bring together AI-assisted anomaly detection with expert analysis from our in-house team. The collective experience of our subject matter experts spans thousands of analyzed properties, while our anomaly detection technology grows smarter with every flight. 

All of this amounts to in-depth property data that you can rely on to make smarter planning and maintenance decisions.  

Smarter data collection and precise analytics tools are changing the way roofers, contractors, property managers, and insurance professionals do business. If you’d like to harness the full suite of DroneBase Insights Roof Reports, contact our team here to get started.

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Malek Murison
Malek Murison

Malek Murison is a technology journalist based in London who covers drone industry news and product reviews for DroneLife. He's written features for the Financial Times and works with some of the drone world's most exciting startups.


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