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How to Hire a Drone Pilot

As more and more organizations explore the benefits of using drones and set about introducing the technology into their workflows, the most obvious question is how to actually hire a drone pilot.

Where do you find them? And what’s the best way to arrange for a drone pilot to perform the missions you need at short notice?

There are a few things you need to consider before starting your search. The first is that all drone pilots carrying out commercial drone flights in the U.S. are required to hold a Remote Pilot Certificate from the FAA in order to operate under the Part 107 rule.

This means your pilot will have passed an exam covering general airspace safety, among other things. But, importantly, it doesn’t necessarily guarantee practical experience flying the kind of missions you are hoping to carry out.

So as well as selecting a pilot with the necessary license, you need to make sure they have the skills and experience required to do the job you have in mind.

Then there’s the question of equipment. Depending on this mission you are hiring for, you’re probably going to need a pilot with specific gear.

Certain types of inspection and mapping missions require specialized sensors and more advanced hardware. If you or your pilot cut corners in this department, the end result isn’t going to have the impact you were hoping for.

So there are three areas you want to take into account when hiring a drone pilot: certification, experience and gear.

So how do you go about finding a drone pilot?

Hiring a drone pilot with DroneBase

Your best bet is to turn to a drone service provider like DroneBase. Our network of pilots stretches across all fifty states and we operate in over 70 countries around the world. So wherever your mission, we’ve got you covered.

All of our pilots are fully-certified, and we’ll only connect you with those that are suited - both in terms of equipment and experience - to the task you have in mind.

The hiring process is simple. If you’re in the real estate business, you can create a customer profile and submit a mission request via the New Order button at any time. You can provide more details and select your preferred package on the client dashboard.

If you have an inquiry about a mission in the construction, energy, solar, insurance or telecom industries, you should get in touch with us directly through the submission form.

Working with DroneBase gives you access to a skilled pilot network that stretches as far as your organization needs it to.

But the benefits don’t stop there. Hiring one of our pilots also opens the door to a range of industry partnerships and tools to take your data to the next level.

We’ve recently signed partnerships with FLIR, Hangar, Kespry and Sterblue, connecting our clients to software and tools that cover thermal missions, 4D Insights, the mining and construction industries and wind farm inspections respectively.

We’re also building upon our range of in-house tools. Just last month we launched DroneBase Insights, an AI platform that provides our clients with smarter drone inspection services.

Hiring a drone pilot doesn’t have to be a complicated procedure. Wherever you are, if your organization is looking for a reliable, experienced and professional service, contact us today.

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Malek Murison
Malek Murison

Malek Murison is a technology journalist based in London who covers drone industry news and product reviews for DroneLife. He's written features for the Financial Times and works with some of the drone world's most exciting startups.


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