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DroneBase at the White House; Veterans' Partnership

The DroneBase team has two exciting announcements today:

First, DroneBase was invited as a leading commercial drone company to spend the day at the White House as part of a workshop to discuss the benefits and implications of unmanned aircraft systems. The workshop, led by the White House’s Office of Science and Technology Policy, will bring together experts across government, academia, and industry. The purpose is to explore issues related to airspace integration, public and commercial uses for unmanned aircraft, and ways to ensure safety, security, and privacy in this emerging field.

Second, DroneBase is announcing a partnership with nonprofit Drones & Good to enable job placement for transitioning military veterans by providing training programs and apprenticeships to start a career in the commercial drone industry. DroneBase is a veteran-founded provider of commercial drone services to real estate, construction, insurance, and other sectors. Drones & Good pairs military veterans with trained drone pilots who accompany them in the field.

Through this partnership, DroneBase will provide Drones & Good-qualified veterans with 10 hours of free in-person and remote training in basic and advanced commercial drone tasks (spanning imagery, video documentation, mapping/surveying, and data collection) on the most commonly used unmanned aircraft systems, and will commit to providing each Drones & Good veteran / pilot team with one real-world commercial job in their area with waived fees.

DroneBase CEO Dan Burton: “We are excited to be recognized as a leading commercial drone company coordinating with the White House and other regulators in establishing industry best practices. The FAA’s new drone rule will allow for innovative partnerships like DroneBase’s recently announced initiative with Drones & Good. As a former Marine, I look forward to helping military veterans gain easier access to this rapidly growing industry.”

U.S Chief Technology Officer Megan Smith: "Innovative commercial and government platforms and applications for UAS are helping to solve problems, save money, conserve critical resources, and even save lives, the Administration will continue collaborating with public and private sector entities to further understand and explore safe and beneficial application of this emergent technology."

This event follows the Federal Aviation Administration’s announcement in June finalizing new rules governing the non-recreational use of small unmanned aircraft systems weighing less than 55 pounds. According to some industry estimates, commercial unmanned aircraft systems could generate more than $82 billion for the U.S. economy and create more than 100,000 new jobs over the next 10 years.

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