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DroneBase Pilot Spotlight: PJ

The DroneBase team recognizes that one of our core strengths is our network of extremely talented pilots. We value the professionalism and skills that our pilots bring to each and every DroneBase Mission, delivering consistently high quality to our customers. In appreciation, we want to spotlight some of our ace pilots, starting with PJ.

PJ is one of our highly skilled pilots, a military veteran, and has been working with DroneBase for close to two years. He's based out of the Tampa Bay area in Florida and works as an IT Manager when he's not flying his DJI Inspire 1. Here's more with PJ...

DJI Inspire 1 Drone The DJI Inspire 1: PJ's Drone of choice

DroneBase: What are your favorite things to shoot?

PJ: Waterfront property of any type

DB: What is your favorite aspect about being a drone pilot?

PJ: Flying let's me "see" as if I was still up in the air as I was a 22yr USAF Special Operations Aviator

DB: What was your best piloting experience?

PJ: Being told a large commercial property sold 2 days after listing with my photos!

DB: What about your worst piloting experience, if any?

PJ: Hitting a boat house with the props on the final 1ft of a reverse dolly filming and having my drone go down 25ft of water. I jumped in and after an hour of searching found it and had it repaired!

DB: Describe your "dream drone"

PJ: An Octo with enough power to haul a professional large movie rig!

DB: Anything else you'd like to share?

PJ: DroneBase training videos have really enhanced all my filming skills. Great company to partner with for sure!!! DroneBase income alone let me buy a new Harley this year!

Interested in learning more about flying with DroneBase? Visit to get started.

DroneBase Pilot PJ DroneBase Pilot PJ flying his DJI Inspire 1 on the beach. Not a bad workplace!

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