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Aerial Photography in Autumn

DroneBase has produced awesome aerial videos and images of thousands of properties, and we’re excited to be capturing imagery now during some of our favorite months. The photos, videos, and panoramas of properties shot during the Fall help illustrate why this is such a great season for aerial imagery.

Autumn: Perfect Light, Perfect Color

The vibrancy of the red, orange, and yellow leaves during the Fall is quite a sight to behold. Pictures of your property - sprinkled with bright red and yellow trees - will attract, excite, and create interest.

The colors of Fall are especially luminous and great to shoot this time of year. The Autumn days are shorter, giving more opportunity to capture "Magic Hours" - the best time to bring out the golds and reds in photographs.

Another aspect of Fall that makes it a great time of year for aerial imagery is the overcast days. Contrary to what many believe, overcast lighting is the best way to bring out the vibrancy in nature. Grayer skies have the ability to eliminate harsh highlights and shadows that can drown out the radiance of nature. A drone can fly over a property and capture the beauty of colorful leaves scattered on the ground and in trees throughout the neighborhood.

Autumn Photography

Autumn: Perfect weather for the drone too

Fall weather also has a few benefits to the ease of capturing drone content. First and foremost, it is too early in the year for any of the cold and violent storms that winter often brings. These storms not only ruin pictures, but they also making flying a drone challenging.

In contrast to Winter's dark and dreary weather, Autumn weather is calm and quiet with slight temperature changes that can bring lovely elements to property photographs. Because the Fall nights are cool but the days are still warm, mist and fog are not uncommon. Fog and morning dew can transform any property into a pleasant setting, with glittering grass and buildings shrouded in cloud-like formations. And if you wait until late Fall, morning aerial photographs can capture a light frost covering the still-colorful trees.

Autumn Photography With Drones

Drone photography goes hand in hand with beautiful fall colors. With DroneBase’s photos, videos, and panoramas, you can show off your property in so many ways. Utilize our panoramas for 360 degree views of your property--they’re awesome to see all the fall colors in full force!

Drone Photography in the Fall

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