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Summer: The Best Time to Capture Aerial Imagery

Though many of us have been enjoying warm weather for weeks, June 21st marked the official start of summer.  Most people usually associate summer with swimming pools, barbecues, and longer days...but here at DroneBase, summer means one important thing: great aerial imagery weather!

We deliver high-quality aerial imagery and video as a part of our customer promise, and summer offers the kind of weather that helps us consistently live up to that vow. Not only do the warmer months offer great flying weather, the seasonal colors are sure to make real estate aerial photos pop. 

A few years ago, preparing for summer listings would mean simply having a professional photographer on-site to highlight your property from various angles, allowing the landscape to become a part of the view. Today, however, many real estate agents have recognized that an aerial view of a property is a huge selling point.

Simply put, photos come out better when they’re framed by healthy trees, shrubs, and green lawns. Properties with pools help tempt your prospect to think of the dog days of summer, while lush landscapes can help frame buildings and property in greenery. Imagine the difference: picture a ground-level shot of a yard with a pool - beautiful, but it wouldn’t accurately depict the pool’s size, shape, distance from the house, etc.

With an aerial view, agents get stunning birds-eye visuals that are bound to help their properties sell. In fact, it's been proven: homes that used aerial imagery  sold 68% faster!

Curious about using aerial imagery, but unsure of which package to start with? We offer a full suite of options for agents who are looking to take their property marketing to the next level.   Take it from DroneBase's Head of Sales, Jose Giraldo- “Our Images Package is easily one of our best-sellers, thanks to the affordable price point and range of imagery we provide in each package.”

Summer will be gone before you know it, so act quickly! A member of the DroneBase team is ready to work with you today.

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