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Telecom, utilities

Standardising Data Capture for Telecom and T&D Inspections

Right now, we see a change in industrial inspections. it’s no longer enough to simply search for...

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Inspection, Telecom

How Drones Cut Down Cell Towers Inspection Costs

Commercially-available unmanned aerial vehicles are not meant just for recreation and photography....

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Commercial Real Estate, Construction, Customers, Drone Industry, Inspection, Insurance, Residential Real Estate, Telecom

Who Uses Drones?

Barely a day goes by without drones being in the news for one reason or another. Every so often...

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Customers, Telecom

How Telecom Operators Can Work With Drones

The telecommunications industry has experienced major change over the past few years.

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Customers, Inspection, Telecom

How Drones are Revolutionizing the Telecom Industry

From real estate to construction and nearly everything in between, drones-as-a-service has broken...

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Commercial Real Estate, Inspection, Insurance, Residential Real Estate, Telecom

How DroneBase Can Help You Keep Your New Year's Resolution

The new year is symbolic to many as a clean slate: it's an opportunity to start fresh, create new...

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Construction, Inspection, Insurance, Telecom

DroneBase Imagery in the Media

Citizens around the world have experienced a high volume of natural disasters in the past month,...

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Agriculture, Commercial Real Estate, Construction, Customers, Inspection, Insurance, Residential Real Estate, Telecom

Aerial Imagery Services - Helpful Customer Tips

Written by DroneBase Head of Sales, Jose Giraldo Our aerial imagery services have a measurable and...

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Inspection, Safety, Telecom, Drones

Aerial Inspections

Looking at the drone industry from afar, it’s easy to assume that aerial photography is solely for...

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DJI, Company Updates, Construction, DroneBase, Inspection, Product announcement, Telecom, Drones

The DroneBase API for Enterprises

If you are a large company looking to get drone imagery for a lot of properties, what do you do?...

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