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What is an Orthomosaic Map and How Does Mapping Benefit My Property?

An orthomosaic (interactive drone map) is a geometrically correct aerial image that is composed of many individual still images that are stitched together. Orthomosaics provide a similar view to what you’d see in the satellite view in Google Maps. However, the data is far more accurate and up to date giving team members the critical and potentially time sensitive insights they need at the touch of a button.

The ability to zoom in and out on key points of interest, identify potential issues, and track progress, all without distorting the image is a powerful tool across many industries, including real estate, construction, property management, property inspections, and many more.


One very important aspect of orthomosaic mapping is the ability to create flight plans, adjust parameters based on needs, and fly using an automated flight tool. The importance of automation in mapping is the need for consistent and dependable results in order to produce an accurate orthomosaic. These automated flight tools also allow the operator to focus primarily on flight planning, safety, and success while the drone is in the air. 

Ultimately through the use of automated flight apps for orthomosaic mapping, stakeholders can avoid the need to deploy boots on the ground while gathering the necessary data at a fraction of the cost and time.

Property Changes

With time, any property can change in a multitude of ways. In the real estate industry, this could be new amenities being added to a commercial property or simply changes in a building’s roof condition. One example of a DroneBase customer benefiting from the use of orthomosaics, is a property maintenance company in Houston, TX that primarily works with landscaping. Their team wanted to get a visualization of the property’s current condition without the need to visit the site. A DroneBase pilot completed the flight in less than 48 hours and the orthomosaic was processed and delivered that same day. 

After reviewing the orthomosaic and realizing the power of the data, the customer’s team chose to submit another request to have the property flown after landscaping was completed. This gave their team a before and after visualization of the changes made to the property that allowed them to tout their capabilities.

Project Planning

Another industry that is benefiting greatly through the use of orthomosaics is the construction industry. Construction sites under development can change on a daily basis and often change significantly on a weekly or monthly basis. Depending on how quickly progress is moving, weekly or monthly progress updates using orthomosaic maps may be exactly what the project management team needs. 

In construction, architecture, and engineering, more than any other industries, there is a need to share information amongst team members and work collaboratively in order to maintain a project timeline. DroneBase makes it easy to share this data whether that is via a link to view the interactive orthomosaic or simply a place to download the file(s).


What good is data if you aren't able to pull the information needed from it in order to make decisions? Beyond the standard visualization of the property from above, data from mapping can be used for thermal analysis (requires thermal capture), measurements, roof condition reporting, and even volumetrics. Just ask Stockpile Reports, a DroneBase customer that has seen a 98% decrease in time spent on site and a 400%+ cost reduction. Stockpile Reports takes the drone data captured by DroneBase pilots, generates an orthomosaic, and pulls volumetric stockpile measurements for their customers.

Ultimately by integrating orthomosaic mapping solutions and drone data into daily work flows, stakeholders can improve safety by hiring a drone operator, reduce costs and time on-site, all while gathering the needed data in order to ensure the property is in the best possible condition. 

Check out our AEC landing page and sign up to receive the case study if you’re interested in learning more about the Stockpile Reports and DroneBase partnership.

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Sean Nordstrom
Sean Nordstrom

Sean Nordstrom is the Product Marketing Manager at DroneBase managing content and communications for the company while also working collaboratively on strategy and customer acquisition. Sean joined DroneBase in 2017 working as an Operations Coordinator managing flight operations and communicating directly with drone pilots daily. He then became the company's Customer Success Lead and worked closely with many clients from myriad industries, getting a deep understanding of their needs and how DroneBase can best serve their businesses. Previously, Sean worked in the solar and renewables industry with responsibilities ranging from Project Management to Business Development. Sean holds a B.S. in Health Sciences and General Business from the University of South Florida.


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